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20 Jul 2017
Seasonal range test run with Global Eta Framework
Dragan Latinović, Sin Chan Chou, and Miodrag Rančić
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 247-251,, 2017
14 Jul 2017
Communicating climate change adaptation information using web-based platforms
Eleni Karali and Kati Mattern
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 241-245,, 2017
12 Jul 2017
Intense sea-effect snowfall case on the western coast of Finland
Taru Olsson, Tuuli Perttula, Kirsti Jylhä, and Anna Luomaranta
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 231-239,, 2017
11 Jul 2017
Public crowdsensing of heat waves by social media data
Valentina Grasso, Alfonso Crisci, Marco Morabito, Paolo Nesi, and Gianni Pantaleo
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 217-226,, 2017
11 Jul 2017
Wind power application research on the fusion of the determination and ensemble prediction
Shi Lan, Xu Lina, and Hao Yuzhu
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 227-230,, 2017
07 Jul 2017
The HIRLAM fast radiation scheme for mesoscale numerical weather prediction models
Laura Rontu, Emily Gleeson, Petri Räisänen, Kristian Pagh Nielsen, Hannu Savijärvi, and Bent Hansen Sass
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 195-215,, 2017
30 Jun 2017
Impact of the assimilation of lightning data on the precipitation forecast at different forecast ranges
Stefano Federico, Marco Petracca, Giulia Panegrossi, Claudio Transerici, and Stefano Dietrich
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 187-194,, 2017
21 Jun 2017
Validation of gas phase chemistry in the WRF-Chem model over Europe
Jan Karlický, Peter Huszár, and Tomáš Halenka
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 181-186,, 2017
19 Jun 2017
Assessing the usability and potential value of seasonal climate forecasts in land management decisions in the southwest UK: challenges and reflections
Marta Bruno Soares
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 175-180,, 2017
15 Jun 2017
Evaluation of gridding procedures for air temperature over Southern Africa
Kai-Uwe Eiselt, Frank Kaspar, Thomas Mölg, Stefan Krähenmann, Rafael Posada, and Jens O. Riede
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 163-173,, 2017
13 Jun 2017
Severe weather as a spectacle: the Meteo-Show
Iñaki Orbe and Santiago Gaztelumendi
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 153-156,, 2017
13 Jun 2017
GPS – Zenith Total Delay assimilation in different resolution simulations of a heavy precipitation event over southern France
Alberto Caldas-Álvarez, Samiro Khodayar, and Olivier Bock
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 157-162,, 2017
01 Jun 2017
Seasonal co-variability of surface downwelling longwave radiation for the 1982–2009 period in the Arctic
Mauro Boccolari and Flavio Parmiggiani
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 139-143,, 2017
01 Jun 2017
On the comparability of knowledge transfer activities – a case study at the German Baltic Sea Coast focusing regional climate services
Insa Meinke
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 145-151,, 2017
29 May 2017
Weather dependent estimation of continent-wide wind power generation based on spatio-temporal clustering
Bruno U. Schyska, António Couto, Lueder von Bremen, Ana Estanqueiro, and Detlev Heinemann
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 131-138,, 2017
08 May 2017
Multimodel probabilistic prediction of 2 m-temperature anomalies on the monthly timescale
Alfonso Ferrone, Daniele Mastrangelo, and Piero Malguzzi
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 123-129,, 2017
05 May 2017
Subseasonal-to-seasonal (S2S) forecasts with CNRM-CM: a case study on the July 2015 West-European heat wave
Constantin Ardilouze, Lauriane Batté, and Michel Déqué
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 115-121,, 2017
04 May 2017
Engaging students and teachers in meteorology and atmospheric sciences: the LaMMA activities
Valentina Grasso, Giorgio Bartolini, Riccardo Benedetti, Giulio Betti, Valerio Capecchi, Bernardo Gozzini, Ramona Magno, Andrea Orlandi, Luca Rovai, Claudio Tei, Tommaso Torrigiani, and Federica Zabini
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 109-114,, 2017
02 May 2017
LES study of microphysical variability bias in shallow cumulus
Yefim Kogan
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 103-107,, 2017
28 Apr 2017
Ensemble using different Planetary Boundary Layer schemes in WRF model for wind speed and direction prediction over Apulia region
Andrea Tateo, Mario Marcello Miglietta, Francesca Fedele, Micaela Menegotto, Alfonso Monaco, and Roberto Bellotti
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 95-102,, 2017
24 Apr 2017
Long-range forecasts for the energy market – a case study
Otto Hyvärinen, Antti Mäkelä, Matti Kämäräinen, and Hilppa Gregow
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 89-93,, 2017
18 Apr 2017
CNR-ISAC 2 m temperature monthly forecasts: a first probabilistic evaluation
Daniele Mastrangelo and Piero Malguzzi
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 85-88,, 2017
12 Apr 2017
Sensitivity of sea-level forecasting to the horizontal resolution and sea surface forcing for different configurations of an oceanographic model of the Adriatic Sea
Lidia Bressan, Andrea Valentini, Tiziana Paccagnella, Andrea Montani, Chiara Marsigli, and Maria Stefania Tesini
Adv. Sci. Res., 14, 77-84,, 2017
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